Benefits of indoor positioning
  • Track position of smartphones and assets
  • Data analysis turns usage statistics into business insights, and analyse user behaviour
  • Navigation enhance your app by indoor positioning and wayfinding
  • Awareness make visitors aware of what's around them
Key features of LOCUS technology
  • Easy integration of positioning in your application
  • Radio technology agnostic, works with WiFi / Bluetooth LE / Zigbee / LoRa
  • No training/calibration phase required thanks to robust and patented Self Adaptive Localisation
  • Easy installation, management and monitoring of all beacons in your venue
Latest News
ARM Mbed
Aug 2018
Locus Positioning uses mbed technology and is mentioned at the built with mbed page.
RAI Amsterdam
Feb 2018
Locus Positioning performs initial tests with positioning and navigation tests at Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre. The Locus Positioning Engine provides positioning and navigation using a smartphone engine only and requires no calibration, ideal for exhibition visistors.

Read more on the capabilities of our smartphone engine here

Lost and Found
Oct 2017
An article about the asset tracking at Schiphol airport for the Lost&Found project was published (Dutch).

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