Asset tracking

AdHoc Positioning - versatile indoor positioning system

Indoor positioning technology provides the possibility to track assets and people and provide navigation in (indoor) environments in which GPS is not available or is too expensive. In this project we explore novel indoor positioning techniques that are based upon self adaptive calibration techniques.

Self calibrating

Indoor positioning systems often operate using finger printing techiques, which are time-consuming and not effective when conditions change. In this project we investigate self calibrating positioning systems that adapt dynamically to changing environments and conditions, thereby always giving the best performance possible. This means that no training or calibartion phase is needed thanks to the patented Self Adaptive Localisation.

High accuracy, scalable, and versatile

The project develops a flexible software based positioning solution that achieves superior accuracy (typically less than 1 meter indoor) compared to high-end dedicated positioning systems, while using off the shelf technologies, and available at an affordable cost level, thereby opening many new application areas.

Ease of installation

Our solutions uses either an existing WiFi infrastructure or Bluetooth LE beacons to accurately position users and objects inside. Where traditional positioning systems require that the network infrastructure are positioned carefully, and be pinpointed in their geographical position accurately, we only require a very loose fixed beacon infrastructure. The remaining infrastructure is automatically positioned as soon as they are placed.

This project is partly funded by the Operationeel Programma EFRO 2014-2020 Oost-Nederland. EU / OP-Oost