Locus Positioning

LOCUS Indoor Positioning Technology: track assets, people & provide indoor navigation.

LOCUS Positioning 

Locus Positioning focuses on the development of (indoor) positioning systems. Our unique indoor positioning techniques allow accurate positioning without calibration and are easy to install and employ.

As a spin-off from the University of Twente, we are at  the front-line of innovations. This makes us versatile so we can adapt quickly towards new innovative techniques as they come around.

LOCUS positioning & tracking solutions:

Discover our unique USP’s:


The infrastructure needed to track your assets can be installed quickly and easy in buildings (on walls or ceilings) and the goods and / or people you want to track must be provided with small tags (various forms).

Combined with LOCUS cloud solution

With our patented cloud solution we can locate exactly on your telephone or PC the whereabouts of things or how to navigate.

Easy to install

The LOCUS positioning systems are easy to assemble and adjust.

No Calibration

The LOCUS system calibrates itself. The sensors see each other automatically. This is the biggest advantage of the LOCUS system over other systems 

Very fast up and running !!

Once the infrastructure has been installed in a building and goods or people are tagged and the layout of the building uploaded in our software, you can run our application. 

Data Analysis

Visualize data and make it analyzable so that you can take informed decisions and actions as a management.