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Smartphone API

The Locus Smartphone library provides positioning and navigation for smartphone running on Android and IOS. The library runs completely local on the smartphone and requires no internet connection to perform positioning. It combines the locus self-adaptive localization with dead-reckoning, to allow positioning in a setup without prior calibration of the environment. The Locus smartphone API has some significant benefits:

  • Requires no calibration of the environment
  • Runs completely local on the smartphone and requires no internet connection
  • Combines dead-reckoning and RSSI localization for realtime tracking


The smartphone API can be imported into existing Android and IOS projects. To integrate, the RSSI, Magnetometer and accelerometer measurements are pushed into the library. Maps can be loaded in the openstreetmap format. The API provides both a java as well as a C interface. Maps with the positions of the beacons are loaded from the local filesystem of the smartphone, no internet connection is required.


Deployment of the system requires no prior calibration. The steps required are:
  • Draw a map of walking routes within the building
  • Define POI for navigation on the map
  • Draw the positions of the beacons
  • Start positioning and navigation
Maps are based on OpenStreetmap maps and can be developed using the JOSM editor. No CMS is needed for developing and using maps, maps can be hosted on a normal HTTP server. Positions can be calculated in both lat/lon positions for integration with Google Maps or OpenStreetmap or in pixels upon an image.