How it works.

LOCUS offers several indoor positioning solutions. Our solutions uses either an existing WiFi, Bluetooth LE, LoRa or Zigbee beacons to accurately position users and objects inside. Our solution offers levels of accuracy and consistency not previously seen in other solutions. Moreover, it avoids the time-consuming training and setup phase known from other systems.

  • Versatile SDK - Our SDKs enable our developer community to integrate our core positioning technology into existing or new mobile applications.
  • Innovative solutions - LOCUS hold a portfolio of intellectual property related to indoor positioning and navigation. LOCUS applies unique Self Adaptive Localization techniques, allowing the system to be independent of any changing environmental conditions, or changes in the infrastructure, and can even work highly accurate in demanding harsh industrial environments. No extensive calibration is needed, and systems can be setup in days.
  • Where traditional positioning systems require that the network infrastructure are positioned carefully, and be pinpointed in their geographical position accurately, we only require a very loose fixed beacon infrastructure. The remaining infrastructure is automatically positioned as soon as they are placed.


Create your indoor positioning application in only three simple steps
  1. Advice - Based upon your needs and infrastructure, we will suggest one or a combination of the indoor positioning engines that we support - Wifi, Bluetooth LE, iBeacon, or ZigBee.
  2. Deployment – following our guidelines, simply install Beacons at convenient places, and the LOCUS positioning engine does the rest. A large building can for example be deployed in a day, and achieve an accuracy of less than 2 meter.
  3. Develop your mobile app - Use our SDKs to build your own app, or work with us on a custom app.